"Cheeky personal empowerment jewelry, so you can wear your badass sass & sparkle proud!"

Welcome to Maureen Elizabeth Designs! I am the founder and namesake behind my brand.  I struggled a lot with what to name my business, but when it came down to it, it was about designing a life, over coming my challenges and building a passion project for ME, my initials.

 I get asked if I swear a lot, or if I’m trying to be a badass…  The truth is, I actually don’t :) Swearing makes me laugh, makes me feel mischievous and puts an emphasis on what I am trying to say.  I don’t need to try and be a badass, because I am one…  I’ve been through many of life’s challenges, more than some and less than others. I am a survivor, a warrior and I love to laugh!  I have found strength and humor in the quotes and phrases (my inside voice) that I put on my jewelry. I am so grateful that I have been able to create a vehicle to share my journey, meet other badasses and build my tribe with strong, like minded people.

 I was born and raised in Calgary. I am mom to three amazing boys, I am an enthusiastic hockey mom, passionate about health and wellness, and I love travel and adventure.